About Me

My Practice

Sharing time and space with others to create art and food, particularly in community settings,  enables me to consider and experiment  with an ever expanding array of talented collaborators, ideas,  and mediums. Working  with acrylics, plants, food, paper and found objects, I document what I grow, cook and forage through mono printing, abstract painting and collage.  

Claire M Tallarico

I am a visual artist, urban gardner and trained chef.  My work seeks to define, explore and document the intersections between artistic practice, community engagement and the sharing of food and dialogue.

My work  explores and documents the intersection between creative practices, communities and food. A well seasoned  freelance policy and communications advisor to non profits, primarily in health care,  I have come to understand how  these various aspects of my life and work are interrelated as a force for good.

I am also the founder and co facilitator of Alchemy, an international two week artist led residency that takes place annually in Prince Edward County.  Alchemy explores the intersection between artistic and creative practices in a community setting.  Visit make alchemy.com for more about this unique residency and how to apply.

Sharing food, art and ideas